Lowering high blood pressure by natural means can be achieved.

It may come as a suprise that lowering high blood pressure may be easier than you think. However, before I go into any detail let me run a few things by you to put the situation into perspective.

The extent of the problem

Roughly, over the last 80 years, death by heart disease has increased from less than 1% to 50%. It has been reported that almost a million Americans die through heart failure every year. Many people suffering from a heart or cardiovascular problem such as high blood pressure may find themselves on medication for the rest of their lives (A hint: if the pills were any good then how come is it that patients don't get better?)

A loss of sovereignty over your health

Because heart disease has increased from 1% to about 50% roughly over 80 years, this clearly shows that the problem is not genetic, since this rise could not be caused over just one generation. The same could be said about many other illnesses, with similar facts. Orthodox medical Doctors however, are forever touting the genetic explanation as a cause of illness. -The point I'm making here is this: Many people have lost control over their health. They have designated the responsibility to the man in the white coat who they think knows what's best for them with the 'pill for every ill' mentality, and get the wrong idea that their ailment is uncontrollable because it's genetic. For example, a patient may erroneously be led to think: "I don't need to look after my body because the Doctor takes care of that..." Or ''There's nothing I can do about my blood pressure because it's in my genes...''

The real solutions

So, when it comes to lowering high blood pressure, the first thing to realise is that YOU are responsible for your health. Pills don't cure. They only treat the symptoms. Let's say, for example,you have a throbbing headache and feel like you're walking around with an axe in your head. Granted, the pills give temporary relief by numbing the pain, but the root cause has not been addressed and indeed, will still persist.

Hi blood pressure pills never get to the root cause. They have adverse side effects and hence the patient could be suffering for the rest of his/her life. -But that's the way the pharmaceutical companies want it to be, don't you see? They don't want a patient to be cured because that would mean the loss of a paying customer.

The first thing to realise is that lowering high blood pressure means is not difficult, but needs a commitment to treating the root cause. Indeed, if you have this condition, your health is in your hands and only you can lower your high blood pressure.

Curing high blood pressure the natural way

Like I always document in my articles, books, blogs... there are 4 major factors related to curing one's self of illness, and high blood pressure is no exception. The 4 major factors needing the active approach are:

1. Nutrition

2. Exercise

3. The environment

4. Your attitude: Outlook on life, thoughts and emotions...

-In the latter case, it mostly implies stress handling. Good blood pressure lowering nutrition can be summarised by the following main features or common denominators. That the food is:

1.Natural (organic): Seeds, beans, nuts, fruits and vegetables...

2. Is mainly free of chemicals, preservatives with mysterious E-numbers, flavour enhancers and stabilisers...

3. Has had very little heat treatment. Poaching or steaming is okay

4. Is fresh, since the vitamins & enzymes will not be too denatured and be able to take more of an effective part in the body's metabolic requirements. Good fresh antioxidants like vitamin C are an absolute essential.

Water is very important and sometimes overlooked when considering blood pressure. A lack of drinking water causes the vessels to have less of a volume of water in the blood. Because of this lower liquid content in the blood, like any tube that has less liquid inside, the blood vessels constrict (shrink and become smaller). A rise in blood pressure is caused by this.

Around 15-30 minutes a day exercise. Take enough exercise so that it gets you puffing and panting. This improves cardiovascular function.

Environmental factors are probably self-explanatory. Set up a stress-free surrounding. A number of studies have shown that 15 minutes meditation per day can significantly lower high blood pressure.

Your thoughts emotions and beliefs can have a great effect on your blood pressure. Perhaps, to a greater extent than most people imagine. There are plenty of very good books on this subject . Take a look at the excellent work by Doctor Bruce Lipton.

Chelation therapy has been a very successful alternative to bypass surgery. Many MD's are now offering this. It involves introducing an amino acid called EDTA into the blood stream. Its purpose is to dissolve the plaque lining the blood vessels. It is worth noting that it does put some initial stress on the kidneys. However, in comparison to bypass surgery and angioplasty, it is much cheaper, non-toxic and has no side-effects and actually does the job of getting rid of the plaque, rather than merely rearranging. It is worth noting that it does put some initial stress on the kidneys.

-This is not an exhaustive account, but this is certainly the highly effective way forward to being in the driver's seat when it comes to controlling health and blood pressure.

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Giving gifts to groomsmen has now become a common practice at weddings. This is one way of showing your appreciation and gratefulness to your groomsmen for everything that they have helped you with to make your wedding a true success.

There is no need for you to feel pressured when it comes to finding gifts to give your groomsmen as you will definitely be able to find the best one you can find without having to spend too much. There are several different groomsmen gifts you can choose from and there is actually no need for you to spend on something that wouldn’t be useful for your groomsmen.

You might want to consider buying gift mugs to give to your groomsmen and when it comes to this gift item, you will surely find the best one you can find that is also very cheap and affordable on your part. There is no need to spend too much on gift mugs as you might even be surprised to know that there are cheap ones out there that are still of good quality and very unique altogether.

Cheap groomsmen gift mugs come in many different styles, designs, forms and sizes and it is very easy for you to find one that your groomsmen would surely appreciate. The technique is for you to simply go in search first for the different types you might want to look at before you actually purchase anything. Of course you would want to get your money’s worth and the only way for you to make this happen is if you choose carefully, weigh all your options first and then pick out which among your list is the best one you think your groomsmen would definitely appreciate and find to be the most useful.

You might also want to consider checking out a wide range of options that you have from different stores online. This is a good way of checking out cheap groomsmen gift mugs as this does not require you to exert that much effort and you can even do this without spending anything. You might even be able to get a wide range of choices and ideas and even different gift mug styles that you wouldn’t normally see from local stores in your area. An example is a personalized Bachelor Party Survivor Coffee mug. Of course, it is advisable that you check out the different prices for these items and choose the most affordable type you can ever find.

Once you’ve found a cheap groomsmen gift mug, wrap it inside a nice box and a good looking wrapper to give it a sophisticated look. Do not worry that your groomsmen would not appreciate your choice because they surely will because they know that you exerted an effort searching for this particular gift type despite your already hectic schedule.

After all, the true essence of gift giving is showing your appreciation to the person who has helped you and should never be equated to the amount of money you spend for a particular gift.

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A prom hairstyle will need to make you think exquisite and self-confident. You never want a large routine maintenance hairdo that has you in the powder place all night. A uncomplicated tasteful hairstyle that fits your personality and look and feel is what you are heading for.

The 2011 prom hairstyles are all about bangs. A fringe of bangs can transform the appear of a hairstyle substantially. Brushed straight down, curled beneath or even straight and to the side, that fringe of bangs will give you a full new glimpse. Many of the stars have been looked at on the red carpet with a new trendy type showcasing bangs. These stars have seen just how versatile bangs can be.

Very long sleek seems to be are incredibly scorching this prom. These designs are straightforward, classy and low servicing. Once you hair is performed there is not really any up continue to keep. Until the weather conditions is windy, your hair won't need considerably in the way of touch ups. Maybe some light brushing of the ends to preserve it sleek. Your bangs can be straight down or layered and parted to the side for a minor extra exotic look.

No issue what length your hair is there are many up dos that can be a great decision for prom. It softens numerous of the harsher hunting up dos and tends to make them younger and fresher for a youthful prom glimpse. With a slight underneath curl to the bangs they may well blend a bit much better than just hanging straight like with a down loose hairstyle.

Even short hairdos can be made much better with a fringe. When parted just off center and swept to the aspect, leaving a person aspect of the forehead bare, leaving the back again straight and sleek giving the ends just a slight flip will give an tasteful yet playful look that is ideal for a night of dancing.

One more hot trend for this year’s prom is shade. Including just a touch of color to your hair to match your dress gives a entertaining way to coordinate and carry your look all with each other. No matter whether it is blue, red or even a touch of gold, just a bit on the suggestions or a touch here and there by out the hair will make an eye catching addition to your glimpse. Also glitter in a color to coordinate with your dress adds sparkle and shine that will brighten your glimpse and catch your date’s eye with every last move.

With all the fantastic components out there it is simple to make an up do that will be breathtaking. Irrespective of whether it is an exquisite comb or a sparkling bejeweled barrette, that one particular easy piece can make your entire look best. There are also several new components the can add lift and volume to your hair for total new glimpse.

So store all over, talk to your hairstylist, examine out some of the seems of the celebrities and come across what is fantastic for you. A style that is comfortable, lower routine maintenance and fits your character is the hairstyle that you are hunting for. And remember, if you continue to keep it uncomplicated you will devote a lot more time dancing and much less time primping.

Kelly Long just loves everything to do with inventive hairstyles. She commenced http://MyPromHairstyle.com 6 years back and admits, "I just desired to get details on Prom Hairstyles out to a wider audience. The internet web page was pretty tough and utilised materials from all more than the world wide we
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