Whether you are looking for a simple saddle rack or one for several saddles and storage, Schneider's Saddlery has what you are looking for.

Some barns have special rooms where all the riders and boarders keep their tack. Having an organized and clean tack room is essential for any barn. A lot of barns have standard collapsible wooden saddle racks that can hold one saddle. These are convenient for the tack room as well as the barn isle way for when you are tacking up your horse. These racks are held up by a [censored] eye and fold down when not in use. These racks are affordable for any budget.

Another simple and standard saddle rack is the Easy-Up English Saddle Rack. This rack even comes equip with a hook to hang your bridle under your saddle. This rack is very durable, will not rust and will hold any English saddle. This rack is also convenient and at an affordable price.

If you have multiple saddles and would like to keep them all together, you may prefer the Easy-Up 5 Tier Main Frame. Though the saddle racks and other accessories are sold separately, you can customize the racks to fit your needs. You can add up to five saddle racks, add a swinging arm rack to hold your saddle pads, or add a basket to keep all your supplies. This rack can also be used at home or in the trailer and comes with three different types of hanging hooks to fit over all types of walls. You can also mount it with [censored] s for permanent installation.

If you are looking for a saddle rack to take with you to competitions or shows, you may want to look at saddle racks that can easily fold up and carry to the outside of the trailer where you're tacking up your horse. There are several types to choose from as well. Some come with wheels for easy movement and others are just standard folding saddle racks.

The English Saddle Caddy is for both English and Western saddles. This caddy allows you to easily move and store your saddle, tack and supplies and has a removable and collapsible hanging basket. This entire rack folds flat and can be reassembled in seconds. Though it does not come with a bridle hook, you can easily add a 4"utility hook to hang your bridle or halter.

If you are looking for a rolling caddy with a bridle rack, you may like the Heavy Duty Saddle Caddy Wheeler. This caddy also comes with a removable hang basket and is great for barn and show supplies. It also folds flat for traveling and is suitable for both English and Western saddles. This saddle caddy also comes it two colors: black and pink.

A standard Folding Saddle Stand is always a good choice when you are looking for a portable saddle rack. This rack is lightweight, holds both English and Western saddles, and folds flat for easy storage. A lot of riders use this stand because it is so easy to move around and put right in place where it is needed.

There are so many options and styles to choose from when looking to find that right saddle rack. Whether you are looking for one rack or multiple racks, Schneider's has what you are looking for at great prices.

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