Do you know that you can make money online using affiliate marketing? If you don’t know what is affiliate marketing then don’t worry. We are going to discuss what affiliate marketing is in this article. We will also discuss how you can make money online using HostGator affiliate program.

Affiliate marketing is a type of online marketing. When you promote any merchant’s product as an affiliate, it is called affiliate marketing. The merchant will give you commission per sale. All the product deliveries and support is managed by merchant. You don’t have to deal with the client for that. That’s the short version of affiliate marketing.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

If you want to become an affiliate of any merchant then first you need to sign up as an affiliate. Sing up processes are simple most of time, just like creating a new email id. Some merchants’ have criteria to approve or deny the affiliate application. Although most of merchants will auto approve your affiliate account.

From the affiliate account, you will get one unique link which is redirected to the merchants’ site. As an affiliate, your work is to get maximum number of visitors using your link. When visitor comes to merchant’s website using your affiliate link, the merchant will automatically know that you have send that visitors. If that visitor purchases the product then you will get the commission. You can see the detailed report in your affiliate account like how many visitors have you sent to the merchant and how many of them have purchased the product. Simple! Isn’t it?

Promoting the Affiliate Link

Creating an affiliate account and getting an affiliate link is very easy part. The difficulty comes when you start promoting affiliate links. So how do you get visitors to your affiliate links?

Getting visitors to affiliate link is also simple if done in correct way. First you make a web site related to the product which you are selling. Then you make a web page on the site which reviews the product. Make sure that you understand the product properly otherwise you can’t review it properly. At the end of review page, you simply put your affiliate link saying that if one is interested in buying the product then they should visit this site. So if visitor is interested in buying the product then they will click on your affiliate link and purchase the product from the website.

Why Promote HostGator?

So now you know what affiliate marketing is. If you have a little understanding about hosting industry then you can promote HostGator web hosting service and you can make a lot of money.

Web hosting is a basic product one will need to make a website. The market is huge and HostGator is a well-known name in the hosting industry. Also HostGator offers a great amount of money to their affiliate. The payment depends on the number of sales you get. Basic payment table is as follow.

Active SaleCommission/Sale





So first sign up with the HostGator account then you can make your own website on the HostGator account and promote HostGator. That way, you will know the product and you will get hosting at cheap rate. What are you waiting for. Become the HostGator affiliate now.

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