Going through the 'golden years', people will realize that they need to save up for what comes next: death. Funeral arrangements can be expensive if it is paid for on the spot---at the time of a family member's death. And although it is, no one can really blame many families for doing so. There are a lot of funeral homes that do not stick to the agreement between them and the client who bought the preplanned funeral package. To avoid paying more money to these cheating funeral homes, burial insurance policies are needed.

It is ideal to invest on a burial insurance policy years prior to your actual death. The money from this insurance policy can be added to the money your family brings out for your funeral when you die. Using the money from this insurance policy to buy prepaid funeral package is too much of a risk. After 20 years, the funeral director of the funeral home you'd bought your prepaid funeral package from might not follow through on what was agreed upon in the past.

What are the services that you pay for in funerals? Information on this will help you decide whether it is better to buy prepaid funeral packages or to invest on a burial insurance policy.

The basic services fee is one of the things you pay for when arranging a funeral for someone. This includes the fee used to secure important paperwork such as the death certificate and some permits. This also covers the payment for the notices or announcements on the local newspapers and the shelter of the remains.

Other services like the transport of the remains; the embalming process and other forms of preparation; the funeral home's use for viewing and memorial service; and the use of the staff and equipment for the whole duration of the funeral or memorial service are filed under the charges for other services and merchandise.

Payment for the pallbearers, the obituary notices, and the goods served to the people on your and your family's behalf can be taken under cash advances.

Judging by this, you can tell that the total cost of a funeral may be double or worse, triple from how much its cost was a decade ago. The cost of prepaid funeral packages today is likely double or triple from 10 or more years ago. This is enough explanation as to why most funeral homes disregard the agreement a client has with them a long time ago about the prepaid funeral packages.

Aside from the total cost of the funeral, you will also need to have money to pay for the debts you leave behind after you die. The mortgage needs to be paid. If you've bought a new car, that needs to be paid for as well. Every debt you've had in your whole life needs to be cleared, too. You cannot let your family shoulder most of this so it is best to have the burial insurance policy and your whole life's savings for this.

There are some who prefer to have the cash from the burial insurance policy invested in a trust fund or trust account. Money invested in trust accounts can grow over the years. By the time that the owner of the trust account dies, he'll have double the amount he invested in it years ago. This will be enough to cover for his debts and his funeral.

Now that you have an itemization of the things you should pay for in a funeral, you can use this as reference in studying prepaid funeral packages. This is if you decide to buy one for yourself. Or you can always buy a burial insurance policy and perhaps place the cash in your trust account. This way, you'll have more than enough to assist your family with the expenses on your funeral and in paying off your debt when you die.

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