The name Abercrombie conjures up more than just a brand of clothing, but more of an entire lifestyle. Primarily aimed at young adults, Abercrombie clothing is known for being classically styled, chick, sporty, and a bit preppy. The persona that the clothing evokes is that of an old money family, with the best quality and style, but an ultimate attitude of insouciance about it.

Cheap Abercrombie clothing is like the holy grail of shopping for young folks who want to look great but are on a tight budget. They know their apparel wears well, usually looking better with age. Casual luxury is a look that many people aspire to, and that's what the brand is about.

Ed Hardy is another brand that is a big hit among young adults. Hardy, a well-known tattoo artist, has licensed his art for use on clothing since 2002, and young people have responded very enthusiastically. Ed Hardy stores are now located in many world capitals, including places you might not expect, like Dubai and New Delhi. This is another brand that young people pounce on when they find it at a great sale price.

The worldwide economic downturn that began in 2008 has made it harder for many young people starting out their adult lives to afford the brands they love best, and so they cope by buying fewer pieces than perhaps they want, buying them on sale, buying them at consignment stores, and getting them through the time-honored method of having them handed down from friends. Finding a source of discount Abercrombie, Ed Hardy, or other po[censored] r brands like Adidas, Juicy, or American Eagle is big deal if you're a young 20-something with a tight budget and college loans to pay back.

Why are these brands such a big hit? Perhaps the main reason is that they provide exactly what today's young adults look for: comfort, up-to-the-minute styling, and great fit. The workplace has changed quite a bit over the past 20 to 30 years, and wearing a pressed shirt and tie to the office is a foreign concept to a generation that grew up with Google, seeing highly-paid executives going to work in a t-shirt and jeans.

But people don't just want casual, they want style too. When casual clothing is cut correctly, and made from materials that are comfortable and that conform to the body without being tight, they look better, and that's important whether you're at work, hanging with friends, or trying to impress that special someone.

While the look for work and social occasions is far more casual than it used to be, that doesn't mean there's no such thing as style anymore. On the contrary, style conscious people today are probably more demanding than ever, choosing clothes that not only look great, but feel great, last, are easy to care for, and are reasonably priced.

A handful of chic casual brands have figured out how to fulfill these consumer needs and have experienced great success because of it. There's little question that the casual luxury lifestyle brands have staked out an important place in American style culture.

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A general theory is floating around that says children today are ruder, more ignorant, and generally less respectful of their elders than they were in pre-electronic device days. Are children's listening skills declining as a side effect of the 21st century? More importantly, does a child of yours languish in poor listening and what can you do to improve their listening skills? Read on to find out...

21st Century's Affect on Listening

Evidence suggests that children's listening skills have degraded in recent years. Many studies (such as ones listed in USA Today and MSNBC) conclude today's children suffer from a lowered attention span due to activities like television and computer games. Peter Jensen at the National Institute of Mental Health concludes: "Extensive exposure to television and video games may promote development of brain systems that scan and shift attention at the expense of those that focus attention."

If you have children, I'm sure sometimes you feel talking to them is like chatting to a brick wall. Children at times shrug you off, ignoring what you have to say. Parents think the solution to poor listening skills comes down to discipline. They may yell at the child or spank them for not paying attention.

The problem is beyond discipline, however. Some children cannot fix their attention on one thing for long periods of time. They have no chance to effectively listen when they cannot build their focus and develop other fundamental skills through interactions with peers and adults.

Television and other solo activities fail to foster a child's fundamental talking and listening skills. Children sit in front of a gaming console, computer, or television then become mind-slaves to the device. They "switch off" their brain into the rapid, hypnotic pace these devices deliver.

Computer games and other highly immersive activities require a high level of concentration and reasonable degree of skill to play. When concentration and skill blend, time gets distorted to form an internal state of enjoyment behavioral psychologists call "flow". Most people who have played a computer game will describe the flow state when they say hours fly by in apparently a short period of time.

Flow is more enjoyable than following Dad's orders. The change of pace from a Mario game, for example, to listening to a parent complain about undone homework is slow, boring, and annoying. Computers and televisions deliver sounds and visuals more entertaining than the sound of a nagging parent. However, are computer games and other 21st century influences to blame for these problems?

I do not know if computers games directly contribute to poor listening – though research hints at a correlation – but I do know that a lack of interaction develops poor listening. Computer games and similar gadgets cause children to develop poor listening skills when their number of interactions dwindle. Communication skills take practice.

Activities such as computer games are not evil. A total ban is unnecessary, but moderation is required. Reducing the amount of electronic stimulation helps develop the child's social skills because of more face-to-face interaction. In addition, it increases the chance of improving your child's health from less time spent sitting down. Follow President George Bush's cheeky advice when he said, "They put an off button on the TV for a reason. Turn it off."

While the 21st century may hurt a child’s listening skills, you can help your little one overcome communication difficulties presented by the modern world. Help your children acquire vital communication skills most adults fail to develop. Teach your child listening skills today to improve your family’s togetherness and provide the child with foundational communication skills that last a lifetime.

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Are you planning to start a business? If yes, you need to have a business plan and a capital to make it running and successful.

Starting up your own business is a complicated undertaking that needs to be planned carefully because of the intricacies involved to make it successful. If you plan to start one, you should remember that there are several factors that you need to consider to become successful.

Factors to consider:

* Capital – regardless of the type of business that you intend to open, either sole proprietorship, partnership or corporations, you need to have enough funding to make it running. Money is needed starting from getting all the legal papers to daily operations of the business. You need funding to make your equipment running. You need money to finance the salaries and benefits of your employees.

* Employees – despite the size of your business enterprises, you need staff and workers to manage and to make it running.

* Office – an office is needed to house your equipment, supplies and employees. It is where your customers negotiate their transactions.

* Business plan – it is a statement that outlines your business goals, ways of obtaining them, names of stakeholders or investors, policies, financial plan, executive summary and many more. It outlines the firm’s course of action in response to uncertainties, risks, management policies, production needs and many more.

* Business permit – you cannot legally operate your business if you are not legally registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and obtained the needed permits from regulatory agencies to make your company legal.

* Advertising – you need to advertise the services and products that the company have.

With the stiff competition in the industry and the advancement of technology, entrepreneurs need all the strategies and planning they can get to attract more customers, to get more sales and to become profitable.

However, business success would not be possible if you do not have no plans laid down in advance.

Things to consider to have a successful business strategy:

* Business set-up – you need to consider what type of business you want to set up. Do you want to have a sole proprietorship? Do you want to have a partnership? Do you want to have a corporation?

* Marketing research – before you start your business, you must conduct a business research to assess what market you intend to concentrate. You should also consider your competitors, type of customers you have and what benefits they can get from you.

* Marketing plan – you must assess how you intend to promote, advertise, distribute and sell your products and services.

* Financial requirements – consider how much capital you need to have to get your company running.

* Business risks – assess what possible risks you need to take. You need to possible problems and challenges that you intend to face and ways of addressing them.

* Accountability – you need to get a separate individual, such as partner, friend or business coach, to assess your business strategy.

* Business Review – review and evaluate your business strategies to detect flaws and to correct them immediately.

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Part of living abroad is adapting to different customs. When we live abroad and adapt, we sometimes forget that we adapted. We forget how things once were in our daily lives. Then, when someone visits us and comments, we have a storm of memories and notice what we have adapted to. I had such a moment when Fred started to detail his mother's visit and her shoe analysis.

"So, my mother arrives at our house and has to take off her shoes. Fred's mother was annoyed about this and felt she was being inconvenienced. I am not sure which is worse, Mom going on about this or the Japanese who ask about dirt when Americans wear shoes in the house. Now from that point on Mom is watching shoes like an eagle. I put a chair in the hallway so Mom could sit down when she was taking on and off her shoes."

I nodded sympathetically and Fred went on:

"Well the next thing Mom starts go on about is shoelaces. Fred's mother sees that many people have slip on shoes, shoes without laces. She wants to know why I didn't tell her in advance. Well, I did. So, I told her that. Of course she doesn't remember."

I nodded sympathetically again. I don't have a clue if Fred told her or not, but I wouldn't dream of asking him if he was sure he really told her. Fred continued on his saga of Mom's visits and shoes.

"So, the next day we go out to dinner. We went to Suzuki's. Naturally, we sat at one of the tables in the center, so we didn't have to take our shoes off. Mom was not really keen on the food, but that's another story. Anyway, this family comes in, Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, and a bunch of little kids. Two of them look like they are in kindergarten, maybe four or five years old."

Finally getting a word in, I asked Fred if Mom was upset by the noise or the kids roaming around.

Fred replied, "Mom didn't say a thing about how cute the kids were or how much they roamed around and how kids should not be moving around in restaurants. I was pretty surprised. Mom was fascinated by the way the kids kept getting up, effortlessly slipping their shoes on, wandering off, and coming back. I think they wanted something in the case with all the kiddie stuff and they were negotiating. But they went back and forth about a million times. We were a little far away, so I couldn't clearly see their shoes. I imagine the backs were broken down. So, I tried to explain to Mom."

I raised my eyebrows and Fred responded, "Yes, she could not get her head around their breaking down the backs of the shoes by pushing the very back of the shoe forward and standing on it. So, Mom wants to go over there and watch the kids with their shoes. I don't know how to stop her and I want to be able to go to the restaurant again, so I tell her the grandfather looks really normal, but he is actually a gangster. Mom believes this and she doesn't go over."

I started to ask something, but Fred cut me off: "So next in come a bunch of young women in their early twenties. They have got those boots that are all the rage now and they have got to take off these long boots to sit down on the tatami. It is pretty effortless for them although Mom was getting a little concerned over modesty issues... Anyway, Mom flew home and is probably now telling everybody in America all about shoes in Japan.

I could see a picture of that and it was not a pretty site. Mom was just an older version of Fred.

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With the ease of Internet availability everywhere, large numbers of people are now becoming interested in starting their career or business from their homes. The major reasons are obviously the flexibility to work according to their time schedule and less money investment.

These two most important factors are now attracting people at a growing pace to start work from home. However, before jumping into this growing work from home industry, you must decide which business you should start from your home and what are the most common work from home businesses and careers you can think to go with them. Here are a few workable ideas that you should look into:

1. eBay Seller:

eBay is the world's most famous auction site where you can sell and buy anything that comes under eBay terms of services. eBay is a great site not only for a newbie but also for professional and established sellers. eBay provides top cl[censored] training materials on how to use eBay site to earn money. If you follow the strategies provided by eBay, you are in a great position to earn a handsome income there.

2. Affiliate Marketing:

You have surely heard about "Affiliate Marketing". However, now you are going to start a work from home business. You can seriously think about it. With affiliate marketing, all you need to advertise are a company's services and products and get commission from pay per click advertising on your blog or web site. Setup your own website, become an affiliate of some po[censored] r company like Amazon.com, and advertise their products on your website. Earn commission with every sale of product or click from advertising. You can also market products of several companies from your website and have different income streams from just one site.

3. Freelance Writer

If you are good at writing essays and articles, starting a freelance writing career is the best choice to work from home. All you have to do is write posts for Blogs, articles for different websites and get paid for those articles you write for them. You can also write books, novels and stories as a ghost writer. A Ghost writer is a writer who actually writes an article but can't use his name as an author of that article. Becoming a freelance writer for different websites or Blogs can give you a full time income stream from your home. DemandStudios.com is a great option for writers to start their career as a freelance writer.

4. Online Tutor

Become an online tutor is a hot career nowadays. You can join many online tutoring sites and offer your services as an online tutor there. Set your own time and work anytime suitable for you. All you have to have is skills, an internet connection and your computer or laptop. For online tutoring, liveperson.com is a great site to start with.

These are just a few of many online businesses you can consider to start work from home. Take some time and do your research to find the best suitable option for your work from home business and careers. Select only that which ultimately pays off to you at the end.

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