Anxiety disorders are the commonest psychiatrist disorders of the world. The ailment can take any one of the following forms -

* Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

* Obsessive and Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

* Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

* Phobias

* Social Disorders

Out of all these, the commonest occurrence is of GAD. OCD is mostly of a genetic origin while PTSD is the effect of one's past trauma. Phobias are more difficult to generalize so far as causes are concerned as their causes are more diffuse.

A great deal of research and scientific studies are going on to unveil the secrets of the human mind. The Diagnostic and Statistic Manual IV (DSM IV) and the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD 10) have done a great deal of work in setting guidelines for the diagnosis of these ailments. The Diagnostic and Statistic Manual IV (DSM IV) and the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD 10) are responsible for setting the guidelines for the diagnosis of human mind related disorders.

Anxiety disorders truly disorder life. They increase pessimism in the patient and it becomes difficult for him to think or act positively. The overall symptoms of the disease enervate and tire the patient.

The psychotherapist in your locality is the person to go to if you think you need Anxiety disorder help. Sometimes, all anxiety disorder patients need is a good listener to cure them - something what psychotherapists most certainly are. Even a few sessions may prove helpful. Another trick the psychotherapist can suggest is Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which aims to improve thought analysis and will power in the patient. CBT occurs in two sub-parts - the patient becomes aware of his thought process and secondly, he tries to control the way his body reacts to his panic. CBT is one of the most important therapies used in treating panic disorder patients.

At times CBT is not used alone, but along with biofeedback technique. Biofeedback means attaching several small portable instruments to the patient's body which measure body variables like heartbeat, blood pressure, body temperature and sweat gland activity. As the patient's panic mounts, he observes how his heartbeat increases and his blood pressure rises. This creates an indelible impression on his mind and eggs him to try and control these reactions by controlling his thoughts. At times, the biofeedback technique is used in combination with CBT. In this, the patient's heartbeat, blood pressure, body temperature and sweat gland activity are constantly measured by attaching to his body small machines for doing so. So now as the patient goes into a panic attack, he can see for himself how his body functions touch abnormality. Seeing this repeatedly makes the patient realize how important it is to control his panic-stricken thoughts.

It is also possible to get anxiety disorder help by making some changes in the way one lives life. For example:

* Controlling food intake - reduction in the intake of caffeine containing food, like chocolates, tea, coffee, soft drinks etc helps curb anxiety attacks

*Relaxation & Exercise - The antithesis to anxiety is relaxation. Several techniques for the same are available, some of which are -

# Deep Sleep - it is the best mode of relaxation, and relaxation is in itself the best treatment for anxiety disorder. Some poet has correctly called sleep as 'Tired Nature's Sweet Restorer' which it is.

# Long hot baths, steam baths, spa treatments - water has the power to flush away negativity.

# Massage - the stress and anxiety can be kneaded out of your system by trained massage specialists. To help them, a huge variety of aromatic and ayurvedic oils can be bought from the market. Also popular are Chinese systems of special massages Acupressure and Acupuncture; these are also helpful in relaxing your mind and body.

# Yoga and Thai Chi are those physical exercises which have been employed in the treatment of anxiety.

Anxiety attack medications are usually used in addition with some other therapeutic method instead of being used singly. This is so because anxiety is a psychotic disorder with the mind being the worst affected and hence a behavioural therapy must form part of the treatment. Also, drugs usually prescribed as Anxiety attack medications are downed by having side-effects. They may also make the patient get addicted to them, some can get abused by the takers also and some also cause withdrawal symptoms.

The major classes under which anxiety attack medications fall are:

* Benzodiazepines - alprazolam, clonzepam, diazepam

* Buspirone

* Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) - paroxetine, sertraline, fluvoxamine

* Serotonin Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors (SNRIs) - Venlafaxine, Tramadol

* Tricyclic Antidepressants - Amitriptyline, Trimipramine

Many of these drug classes are tranquilizers or sedatives while SSRIs and SNRIs function by changing the level of two brain chemicals - norepinephrine and serotonin the hormone of happiness.

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According to the online etymology dictionary, religion, in its modern sense, is the "recognition of, obedience to, and worship of a higher, unseen power." Numerous studies over the centuries have supported that religion is a human phenomenon of interaction and spiritual exchange based on a group of beliefs or attitudes concerning a real or imagined object or person. In particular, religion is a system of thought considered to have a supernatural, sacred, or divine character, which is based on a set of moral codes, practices, institutions, values, and rituals, associated with the specific beliefs examined.

Also referred to as "faith" or "system of beliefs," religion is usually defined as an agreed set of rules illustrated by a set of commonly exercised practices. These practices are carried out by humans in their effort to understand the natural forces that govern their lives and accept the biggest change of them all; that of death. In fear of the unknown, humans have been able to confront the never-ending change in life and interact with each other by creating a particular set of beliefs and practicing rituals that do represent their commonly agreed principles.

Although one can find a variety of definitions existing for religion, many have struggled to avoid using one that would exclude its true essence or would be considered as a meaningless generality. Anthropologists and sociologists tend to examine religion as an abstract set of ideas, values, and experiences, developed as part of a cultural network. Through these human religious-based networks, cultural practices and rituals have evolved, transforming not only the individuals who perform them, but in most cases, the nations where these specific religions are practiced. Today, in every country of the world, religion is a crucial cultural factor of citizenry, acting as the shared bond that transcends the gaps among generations and ideologies. Contemporary interaction in the existing socio-cultural arenas is based on religion understanding and the frequent exchange of everyday life experiences.

With three main models in the development of religion, scholars have attempted to examine its tremendous effects in their effort to understand its significance. Specifically, religion has been examined as a social construction mechanism, as a progressive attempt to understand the underlying truth, or as the absolute true meaning portrayed in life. The first group of models concentrates on the positive effects of religion on society, the individual and civilization in general. On the other hand, models that examine religion as the progressive true meaning in life focus on the aspect of truth and concentrate on the quest of understanding what reality is through time Finally, the models that see religion as the absolutely and unchangingly "True" contradict the first two models, which regard religion to be false or to develop through time, viewing a particular religion as the absolute true meaning in all.

Whether one comes from a religious background or considers religion to play a vital role in modern life affecting and interacting with conscious or unconscious choices, the fact still remains that religion, regardless of the model one examines, is one of the most important characteristics found in today's cultures. Religion has a tremendous impact on effective communication principles as it intervenes with one's understanding of others. Thus, opening up to religious influences and comprehending its effects is imperative for anyone who wishes to examine the religious spectrum of contemporary cultures.

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Unavoidable circumstances may lead any person into a payment default and as a consequence he is labeled as having bad credit. But that does not mean that a timely finance is a distant dream. Here are especially crafted very bad credit loans for people suffering from very bad credit. The loan is provided keeping in mind the problems of very bad credit loan seekers and therefore the terms-conditions are kept easier.

Very bad credit means your credit score is way below than average bad credit score. On FICO credit score scale ranging from 300 to 850, a score of 580 is labeled as bad credit. The credit score of a very bad credit borrower is way below than 580 and therefore is considered as more risky for a loan offer. Surely a very bad credit borrower has more cases of payment defaults, arrears and CCJs against him.

Very bad credit is a major concern to the lenders as you are a big risk for them. So the lenders offer you the option of taking a secured very bad credit loan. This way the lenders cut the risks almost to nil. Secured very bad credit loans require a property of the loan seeker to be placed as collateral. In case of payment default, the lender can sell the property to recover the loan. So the risks are negligible. This is one reason that despite very bad credit, the loan can be offered at lower interest rate. What is more equity in collateral enables in taking a greater loan. The repayment duration also is larger in the range of 5 to 25 years. So in the case of secured very bad credit loans, very bad credit is no major risk.

However unsecured very bad credit loans are highly risky for the lenders. But still on some conditions the loan is available. In the absence of collateral, lenders demand proof of repayment capacity. So the loan seeker should provide documents that show sufficient annual income and the years spent as an employee. Over financial standing also counts towards considering the loan application. So the more one is able to convince that the loan installments will be paid in timely manner, the more are chances of approval. It would be advisable to take a repayment plan to the lender. The plan should take into account your payments on previous loans and the amount left for paying for installments of very bad credit loans. For very bad credit unsecured loans however the interest rate is higher and loaned amount smaller. Repayment duration also ranges for a few years.

Make sure to compare different very bad credit loans providers for their individual interest rates before applying to the suitable one. For fast processing and approval of very bad credit loans, prefer applying online. Surely very bad credit loans are useful for people suffering from very bad credit but pay off the installments regularly. This way you can repair very bad credit score and can get loans in future at better terms.

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Mumbai is one of the most po[censored] r cities of India that hosts huge number of tourists every day. The city located in the heart of Indian state Maharashtra has been serving as a charming holiday destination from years. The city was earlier known as Bombay and natives of the land still refer it with the same name. The city being home to glamor industry and Film industry is referred as the "Mayanagri" meaning the magical city. Tourists visit this land from every corners of the world and get mesmerized with the charm of the land.

Mumbai is formed with seven islands which serve as the home to fishing colonies. Mumbai beholds the rich tradition and culture of Maharashtra that enhance a traveler's trip to Mumbai all the more. Besides the colorful culture of the land, Mumbai tourism is featured with various monuments and tourist attractions that make this place a perfect tourist destination.

The city is geographically located in the west coast of India. It is the most populous city of the country and the fourth most populous city in the world. It is also the richest of Indian cities. The city is featured with enduring natural charm and glory on one hand and beautiful monuments on the other hand and both these together make this land a complete tourist destination blessed with natural glories and architectural wonders.

Mumbai has the history of being the house of migrants and still the many people from various corners of the country settles down in Mumbai. The city houses the Hindi Film Industry Bollywood and also the Maharastrian film industry and this remains the major tourist attraction of Mumbai.

Mumbai is the house of islands and owing to this geographical feature the land offers beautiful sea beaches and ports for tourists to visit and experience. Po[censored] r tourist places in Mumbai are comprised of beaches and ports. Zuhu beach, Chowpatty beach, Malabar hill and Bombay harbor are the landmarks of natural tourism in Mumbai.

Besides these natural blessing the city is also blessed with various monuments and forts that reflect the architectural glory of the land and makes it an enduring place to visit and experience. The most po[censored] r tourist attractions of Mumbai are: Gateway of India, Hali Aji Mosque, Hutamas Chowk, Mahalaxmi temple, Afghan church, Jain temple, Nehru Planetarium, Kamala Nehru Park, Rajbai tower and so on. Experience all these charms of the land and enjoy a delightful holiday in Mumbai.

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As moving towards the future of electronics world, daily new stylish, luxurious illuminated lights come in the market, which yield more saving in energy. Electronic markets manufacture the range of bar lights which arranges in variety of parameters and in different ranges. Actually before fitting of these stunning bar lights, everybody has to plan the adjusting of wiring and fixtures of the lights all over the segments of bar. For this, one can buy bar lights with some planned way, so that every lights and lamps are under controlled.

Bar lights which are of high standard and good quality lights uses low as well as high intensity, so that one can operate these lights at various modules as their intensities and needs. Except these two intensities, third one is cruise intensity which is also needed for sufficient lighting and to shine segments of bar with low intensity for energy efficient lighting. Mainly bars have flash light pattern in which low intensity of lights is used to conserve energy of lights and for good feeling whoever come in these bars. So whenever one can use or select any bar light depends upon their intensities and flash as they need.

Specially Designed Bar Lights

To keep these needs in mind, Lighting HQ has launched antique and classical bar lights for making environment glorious. There are varieties of bar lights which anyone can fix in their luxurious bars.

Company manufactures the amazing bar lights as fluorescent lights which has no need of any transformer, so that one can control these lights on their own behalf. These are modern lights which one can adjust their heads as they need and flash the lights in all the directions. These fluorescent lights are designed with satin chrome which looks great, finished with chrome and gl[censored] which further gives quite glamorous looks. These bar lights fit with ceramic lampholders that is also used for energy efficient lighting and show the fluorescent lights in a proper furnishing form. These bar lights are available in different ranges and can be tilted as according to needs of anyone.

Lighting HQ provides another bar lights which are also best bar lights called Halogen lights. These halogen lights are available in glamorous light designs form. For example if one wants to glow the every modules of bars with some bright lights, then these bar lights assists to glow those places with their fantastic looks. These halogen bar lights run for a long time but a downside of this halogen light is the more consumption of energy. These are only for decorating the bar with bright lights and make the environment glow.

Light Up Your Arena with LEDs

Company also manufactures the third type of bar light called LED lights. LED Lighting is designed in many classical designs. Anyone can arrange these LED designing lights in their bars and make the bar look WOW! These LED lighting runs for long time and adjusts with adapter which assist to convert the voltage from 240 V to 12 V.

So, go get it now!

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