Looking to get yourself a new color laser printer? If so, you really need to read this article. First we will look at the main features that you will find on a color laser printer, then move onto looking some additional features you should look out for. We will then end the article with a discussion of the man brands and their product lines.

Basic Features of a Color Laser Printer

There's lots to take into account when buying a new printer. However, here are the main features that your new printer must have:

Paper Capacity: if you're planning on printing bulk jobs, you need to make sure your new printer has a large paper tray.

Availability & Price of Consumables: some people make the mistake of buying a very cheap printer, only to have to spend lots of money every month buying new ink cartridges.

Duty Cycle: how many pages the printer can easily print each month without breaking. Have a serious think about how many pages you are going to need to print on a month-by month basis, and choose a printer that is designed to cope with it.

Memory: a large RAM is essential if you plan to print a lot of graphic-intensive do[censored] ents.

Other Features of a Laser Printer

Although the list above gives you the main features to look out for, here are some other features which you may find useful to look for:

Duplex Printing: this is a time-saving feature, as it will automatically print on both sides of the paper. If you're in a busy office with many other people, then this feature could be extremely important. If, on the other hand, you're only going to use this printer by yourself, or in a small office with only a few other people, you may not need it. Simply print all the odd pages and then flip over to print the even ones.

Speed: cheaper printers print slower than more expensive ones. That being said, this only really matters if you're in a big office where there are many of you all wanting to print at the same time.

Networking: having a printer with built-in networking abilities is extremely useful if you want your printer to be connected to your computer network. Look for the letter N on the end of the model number.

The Major Printer Brands & Their Product Ranges

HP: $175-$5,300. Loads of products spread across a very big price range. You'll definitely find something to match your needs and budget here.

Lexmark: $249-$4,700. A number of products across a terribly wide price range.

Xerox: $220-$5,200. An exceedingly good printer make. A good collection of products across quite a wide price range.

Samsung: $150-$770. Not very loads of products to pick from, but they are a great make.

Brother: $240-$600. Again, not a lot of products but a good make.

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Contact lenses that you can put in and wear continuously for many days are the dream of many contact lens wearers. No fuss about cleaning, storing , inserting or removing them -sounds convenient, doesn't it? But is it safe? Find out if extended wear contacts are right for you.

How do extended wear contact lenses work?

Most contact lenses are daily wear - you wear them during the day and take them out for the night. Lenses have to be taken out because they partially block the flow of oxygen to your cornea. In other words, your eyes need a rest without contacts.

However, many contact lens wearers wish that they didn't have to remove their lenses every evening. Knowing this, contact lens manufacturers have worked really hard to develop a contact lens material that doesn't block oxygen and would allow you to wear your lenses for several days - or even weeks - without risk to your health.

Modern technology allows the production of contact lenses that let through approximately six times more oxygen than ordinary soft contact lenses. Lenses intended for extended wear are made of extra-permeable silicone hydrogel materials and “breathe” so well that oxygen deprivation is no longer a problem, even if you wear your lenses for several days.

Are extended wear contact lenses safe?

Lenses that are FDA approved for extended wear, like Focus Night and Day or Acuvue 2, are safe if you follow your doctor's instructions. They feel quite comfortable for many days, unless you have very sensitive eyes.

The only problem with extended wear contact lenses is that since you don't clean them every day, tiny particles of dust can accumulate on them.

To prevent this keep to the following rules:

- Avoid dusty rooms

- Stay away from cigarette smoke

- Try to keep the water away from your eyes when showering and wear tight goggles while swimming

- Never wear your contact lenses longer than your doctor recommends. Remember weekly disposable extended wear lenses should be thrown away once a week and 30 day wear lenses can only last a month, not a day longer.

Also to minimize the risk of eye infection it is very important to pay attention to how your eyes feel and not to ignore any unpleasant symptoms. If your eyes feel irritated or simply uncomfortable, take the lens out immediately and give your eye 6-8 hours rest. Rinse the lens well before putting it back in. And if discomfort continues, don't ignore it, see your doctor. Maybe extended wear lenses are not for you after all.

Which extended wear contacts are available on the market?

Two brands of extended wear contact lenses are FDA approved for 30 day continuous wear - Focus Night and Day by Ciba Vision and PureVision by Bausch & Lomb. Other lenses can be worn for a week without removal. The most popular of these is Acuvue by Johnson and Johnson

Are extended wear contact lenses more expensive than the regular contacts?

Surprisingly, the price difference isn't that big. Extended wear contact lenses are slightly more expensive that the usual weekly or monthly disposable contacts, and they are cheaper than daily disposables. Also, since you will wear your contacts for a week or a month and then discard them, you save on cleaning and storing solution. So cost is not an issue when it comes to extended wear contacts.

If the idea of wearing contact lenses continuously for several days appeals to you, ask your doctor if extended wear contacts will work for you.

Tanya Turner publishes http://www.1-contact-lenses-consumer-guide.com/ where you can find tips on safe contact lens shopping, lens price comparison and reviews healthy contact lenses. The Guide also helps you select best color contact lenses providing you with photos and reviews of color contactsDownload Windows Installer For Windows 7 Error,Microsoft Word Download,Windows Update Error 0x80070422,Windows Update Error 670,Windows Update Error Code 800700c1,Red Cross CNA Training - Obtain the best CNA Certification,How to Use Reviews in Physician Search,Test Yourself To See If You,Finding the right CCIE Coaching School will do so for a charge,Searching For an Affordable Website Hosting Plan

While many people attempting to make money off the net fail miserably, there are several who make a truly massive amount of money. Is it on account of some obscure secret that is shared only by the prosperous and jealously protected from the rest? Or is it really that the majority of people are far too lazy to find out the answers on their own? It is apparent that most people are not willing to work hard to establish a business, and they play at the Internet like buying lottery tickets, with the hopes of picking a winner.

Many people incorrectly believe that once you have a product and a website shoppers will just rock up, credit cards at the ready. Yes, you have to firstly have a product that is in demand, and secondly you do need to get possible buyers visiting your site. That is hardly where it ends, though. You need to discover what is needed by a group of consumers whom you then target and provide a way to get satisfaction. Shoppers who have determined that what they want is product A aren't going to be enthralled with you trying to get them to spend money on product B. You have to also bear in mind that just like you, Product A is what your competition will be offering. Being aware of this, you need to identify a way of reaching potential buyers in great numbers.

There are different ways that work far better than others. Among the best is utilizing article marketing. It starts off with posting articles that your readers find helpful. You're not selling anything, but are providing useful information that will be beneficial to the reader. These articles are then sent to ezine publishers or article directories. Authors can place a link to their site in the resource box and if your article becomes popular you will get website traffic this way.

The blog is likewise becoming popular as a means to obtain website traffic. Essentially it is no more than a web-based journal, in which you talk about, discuss and give information about a subject of your liking. The more people who like your information, and have confidence in what you have to say, the better chance you have of making sales to them. People visit your website first of all because they are seeking information, which you should make an effort to provide them with while letting the salesmanship take a back seat. Supplying product reviews as opposed to using direct selling methods is a good way to go. Keep your blog fascinating and up to date by regularly updating and adding new, pertinent material.

With online networking you have an easy way to reach people and present your business enterprise to them. There are numerous ways for this, like the obvious social networking sites, as well as forums in your niche, discussion groups and message boards. Because this method allows for people to slowly develop their trust in you in an atmosphere untainted with sales attempts, it yields great results. Promote their goodwill and trust by constantly being very helpful, and one day they are going to surprise you by becoming buyers. Not one of these strategies is a top secret, but it takes certain abilities to genuinely want to help people.

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Well this activity is used up by many of the people for many specific reasons from which they get something for which they desire for. Hypnosis is a kind of activity which can be treated up in many ways. Like you can use this thing for the welfare of someone or even

Hypnosis is a kind of activity which can be treated up in many ways. Like you can use this thing for the welfare of someone or even it works for making the situation bad for someone. Well basically hypnosis is such a kind of state in which the person is in an unconscious state and he is mentally not in his senses. The person is totally under the control of the person who makes him or her felt in this state. Now it totally depends upon the person who did this, that in which way he treats that person. He can make him or her do any kind of work any kind of task of his own choice. Even he can make him or her speak out his secrets and also the secrets of the other persons about which he is aware.This kind of mental state was first defined as is it's a king of sleep in which the specific person only focuses on a specific thing which make that person to go in this state. All the other sense's of that person gets sleep up and that person only concentrates on that specific thing. Well this activity is used up by many of the people for many specific reasons from which they get something for which they desire for.

The term of hypnosis is used up by the doctors, not doctors basically but the physicians. The physicians used this term for helping out their patients. The physicians use this thing for solving up the issues of patients regarding their stress, anxiety and other things related to them. They make things out from their patients by using up this term which makes them feel like that. By making those things out they solve these issues and after which the stress and the complex of their patients get decreased and they feel much better from before. This activity is used up by many of the medical fields. As according to them it helps a lot to the people in many of the different situations.

Mostly it is very much useful in making the stress things work out. Like if the person is having some sort of cancer, then for that person making his mind relax from this particular thing hypnosis is very much useful. Then for the women who are in their pregnancy period for them this thing also works the best. This thing has been used as a tool in making the people getting rid of their smoking habit. The hypnosis has proved a very much good treatment for the people who want to get rid of this addiction or any other kind of addiction. Hypnosis is also used up by the investigation teams for making things out from their culprits. They hypnotize them and then they get the desired information out from those people.Well hypnosis is such a thing that can be used up in any way it depends upon the person who has this ability.0x80042108 Outlook Error,Outlook Error 0x800300fd,Outlook Error 3259,Outlook Error Code 0x80040154,Outlook Sending Reported Error 0x80042109
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Assertiveness is the focal part of effective communication among organizations, communities and other groups of individuals. Being a great leader means having the confidence to voice out personal and organizational needs in an effective way. The proper timing to asserting one’s belief is important and, at the same time, difficult.

The Different Styles

Not all leaders are effective with their people-handling and communication skills. These are the common styles that leaders practice:

• Non-assertiveness—this means that the leader fails to stand up for what he believes in and just goes with what the groups dictates to him. When this happens, the rights of the leader are clearly violated and his subordinates abuse him for his lack of assertiveness.

• Aggressiveness, on the other hand, is the style that leaders undertake when they want everything done their way. This means that the boss will listen to no one but himself and he will express everything even if people end up getting hurt. This type of leadership focuses on humiliation and putting down other people just so the leader could get away with what he wants.

• Assertiveness is the fulcrum to these two leadership styles. Being assertive means the leader stands up for himself in a way that would not violate any rights or hurt any feelings. This is a direct and honest expression of wants, needs, feelings, or opinions while maintaining one’s calm demeanor.

Basic Assertiveness

A good leader will always think of his and his subordinates’ overall welfare. This should drive any leader to become assertive and effective; but assertiveness can never be obtained overnight. There are ways to gain assertiveness in due time:

• A good leader must say what he feels in a nice manner.

• A good leader maintains eye contact when he talks to other people.

• A good leader also has good posture. Slouching gives the wrong impression to majority of people—it could mean that the person must not be taken seriously.

• A good leader has a moderate and respectful tone of voice.

• A good leader must never sound apologetic. If he has committed an error, he would strive to correct it and must apologize in a dignified manner.

• A good leader uses effective body language.

Assertiveness at a Higher Level

Assertiveness is often interchanged with aggressiveness and no leader must have the same connotation. Assertion would never involve hurting emotionally or physically which are indicative of aggressiveness. Winning every word war should never be a leader’s goal. No one ever wins an argument—in fact, the one who has the last word or who says more in every argument still loses.

A good leader must express all his feelings and ideas in all honesty. This will inculcate in his subordinates’ minds that he is trustworthy, therefore, good working relationship often follows. An assertive leader must also allow others to be assertive around him. This means that he would allow his subordinates to speak their minds in a clear and concise manner.

An effective leader must also have a set of reactions to several circumstances and he must constantly practice this. He must also know how to set limits without causing offense and this can be done by being firm.

Traits to Avoid

A leader who has a resolve to become assertive must avoid these traits:

• Indecisiveness

• Arrogance

• Lack of frankness

• Arbitrariness

• Bias

Leadership is a balance of all positive characteristics and the absence of negative ones. A good leader must remember this or he will be in jeopardy.

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