We are blessed with the wonderful sight of being able to view women working at offices and at every work-related functions which actually reminds us of the yester-years wherein they did not put in their intellectual brains at any work besides house-hold chores. The total view of life has undergone a drastic change when the women started taking interest in their own development towards knowledge and to utilize the same knowledge towards their growth and improvement. Women have travelled a long journey but now they in turn taste their own fruits of joy and victory as they have established themselves not only as the best home-makers but also as competent and capable partners in business and careers. The National Association of Professional Women was formulated based on the need to help their working women in their strive for excellence and with this notion in mind the organization came into effect in 2007 thanks to the efforts and vision of Matthew Proman.

NAPW or the National Association of Professional Women has received rave reviews in United States and has acquired a total membership of 120,000 women within a time frame of three years which is a commendable accomplishment on their part. NAPW has been branded as the fastest and largest association of career-oriented women who seek to achieve the most from this association and hence have taken the step of being part of this wonderful network and communicate with each other for mutual benefits.

The keen aspect behind the working of NAPW is to be able to offer only the best to its members which include knowledge, expertise and benefits which they can bestow on them as far as possible. The organization is a members-only one and hence there is no chance of being taking advantage of in the whole network. The organization has a vast number of professionals and executives who have been able to gain drastically from NAPW.

NAPW not only believes in providing the forum for discussions, conversations and advice but also helps to reach out to these women in the form of giving knowledge and sessions through seminars and webinars. Modern forms of mass discussions like podcasts and keynote speeches are also being utilized in NAPW.

A remarkable fact for the members of NAPW is that they receive a great setting to talk about their business and services which acts as a prime marketing tool for their business. The organization has also been doing very well in providing its members with various discounts and reductions which is hardly been done by another establishment. The NAPW Perks programs have been offering the right kind of concessions to its members. NAPW has by far exceeded its initial criteria of providing an excellent forum and has offered only the best for its members in the form of scholarship programs and grants and also its amazing mentorship program which proves beneficial for both the senior and junior members.

Looking at the features of NAPW, its triumph clearly reflects on its mission and goals which aptly reasons out the real aspect why it has becomes so greatly accomplished in today’s world.

The author takes immense interest in the working of the National Association of Professional Women. NAPW is a great organization which believes in the advancement of career-minded women.
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