I think, it is a useless question to ask any American that is he a fan of National Football league? It has become very clear that all American have this game quite close to their hearts and the list of followers is now including a lot of people from various corners of the world. Among all other championships of National Football League, the highest one is not other than Super Bowl. This Super Bowl championship is usually held annually and the competitors are usually professional American football teams. In order to win the title of the National Football League, you will see that the opponents are usually two teams that are both of great play quality and the championship is held annually. One of the teams will be from the National Football Conference or better known as the NFC while the other one will be from the American Football Conference or better known as the AFC. The current defending champion of the NFL are the Green Bay Packers who represent the National Football Conference. The question that is however on everyone's mind is 'are Green Bay packers will win 2012 NFL Super Bowl again?'.

Definitely, it is hard to give the exact answer of question "are Green Bay packers will win 2012 NFL Super Bowl again?" With history however; it can become quite easy to be able to tell whether they can be able to maintain their title. Packers were first appeared as an organized team in 1919. The entry of Green Bay Packers in National Football League was dated back to 1921. The name of the league was however not the NFL as it is today but rather the American Professional Football Association of APFA. As a matter of fact, among all the old teams in the league, the Packers were the third team to join the league. Something else about the Green Bay packers that is very unique is the fact that they are the only team in the United States that is non-profit making yet playing professional football.

Let's talk about the victories of Green Bay Packers, so that we could come close to the answer of question "are Green Bay packers will win 2012 NFL Super Bowl again?" The record that the Green Bay Packers have been able to set has not been broken by any other in the NFL. The Packers have been able to achieve an amazing 13 league championships and such a record has not been held by any other team in the NFL. However, nine of these victories were achieved before the whole idea of Super Bowl came into the picture. However, the remaining four belong to Super Bowl Victories like Super Bowl I in 1967, Super Bowl II in 1968, Super Bowl XXXI in 1997 and the most recent Super Bowl Championship XLV that was held in 2011. The Green Bay Packers are the defending champions of the National Football League Championship.

On behalf of this marvelous background, we can give the answer of question "are Green Bay packers will win 2012 NFL Super Bowl again?" in positive way. Yes, Green Bay Packers team is today's hot favorite team for upcoming high level professional football championship of America means National Football League Championship. For this game that will be played on the 5th February 2012, there are certainly quite a number of teams that are also favorites. However, Green Bay packers are at the top of list among all other hot favorite teams.

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