Allergies. Some people puff up at the mere sight of a peanut; others get itchy and blotchy if a furry friend is in the neighborhood; and some sneeze at dust and pollen. Allergies are not uncommon, and more people are aware of them – which is good news for those individuals who need soy-free, nut-free, dairy-free and gluten-free foods. But what happens when one is plagued with a slightly more unusual allergy?

A male fluid allergy is one such allergy that most people haven't even heard of – and some may even claim it to be an unlikely excuse to get out of intimacy. Sorry honey, not tonight, my allergies are acting up. But, the fact of the matter is, these allergies do exist; and they can be dangerous and even life-threatening if left untreated. Learn more about this rare medical phenomenon and how to enjoy a normal and satisfying intimate life, as well as keeping the male organ healthy.

What is an allergy to male fluids?

Individuals who struggle with male emission allergies are allergic to a specific protein in a man's seed which causes them various unpleasant symptoms. The most common symptoms for this condition include: itching, burning, redness, hives and swelling wherever the male fluid touches the skin. The severity can range from an annoying irritation – to acute pain. Individuals with severe allergies can even go into anaphylactic shock and have difficulty breathing; the risk of this occurring may increase if they ingest it orally. While women are more likely to have the allergy, it is also possible for men to be allergic to male fluid – even to their own! Additionally, men and women alike may have a history of intimate experiences in the past with no problems -- only to develop the allergy later in life. It is also possible to be allergic only to a certain man's emissions, but not to others. That's like being deathly allergic to one brand name of peanuts, yet being able to eat another kind just fine – the human body is full of mystery!

Can it be treated?

Thankfully, just because one is allergic to male emissions does not mean one's intimate life has to come to a full stop. There are many ways an individual can work around an allergy in order to maintain a healthy and satisfying intimate life.

1) Prevention: The first trick is to minimize contact with the fluid as much as possible. That means using barrier protection all the time. This will drastically reduce the chance of coming into contact with a man's emissions during intimacy.

2) Wash up: If male fluid does come into contact with the skin, the second best option is to wash the skin with soap and water immediately. Hopping in the shower after a romp in the sack is a good way to reduce the painful side effects of a male emissions allergy.

3) Desensitization: Individuals whose allergies are more than a little annoying -- or cause potentially dangerous side effects such as anaphylaxis -- may be wise to seek treatment with an allergist. An allergist can develop the appropriate method of treatment to help desensitize one to male emissions so that it is no longer an issue. An allergist will systematically expose the individual to their partner's male emissions via tiny injections. As the body is repeatedly exposed to very small doses of the allergen, it gradually becomes desensitized to it, so that eventually, one could have intimacy with no side effects. As the desensitization process is taking place, the allergist may require the couple to have intimacy a minimum of 2 or 3 times a week for a period of time, so that the woman continues to have repeated exposure to the male emissions while her body is becoming desensitized. Now there is a treatment most men can get behind!

Keeping the male organ healthy

Luckily, most men will not encounter a male emissions allergy in themselves – or a partner – in their lifetime. But even without that hiccup in one's love life, it is important for a man to take care of his intimate equipment so it stays healthy for the long run. Daily use of a male organ health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can soothe irritated male organ skin – whether it is caused by a male emissions allergy, dry skin, or anything in between. A health formula packed with vitamins and nutrients can also protect the health of the male organ by fighting anti-oxidants, boosting collagen production, and improving circulation. Applying daily can allow a man to enjoy the effects of a healthier male organ today.
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