There are many auditions for new Disney channel shows being done in a year. This is because Disney Channel is always introducing new shows for viewers. To find out about these auditions, you have to be very keen. Keep checking the websites that have the listings for example. Alternatively, hire an agent who will do this for you. The agent will get you the auditions and inform you about the roles, time and dates to ensure that you don’t miss them. The agent also may also have inside information; he may be able to get you an audition even before it is advertised in websites.

Since these are new shows, you need to carry out adequate research before the audition. Find out about the role you are auditioning for and get all the information that you can get about it. If you research your role in advance, this will help get into character more easily during your audition.

When going for auditions for new Disney channel shows, you have to be very punctual. It is actually better to arrive ahead of time instead on exactly on time. Be there even twenty minutes early; this will impress the casting directors. It will also help you to compose yourself and prepare to perform. Ensure that you are well rested before the audition. Don’t over rehearse on the actual day for the audition, save your energy for when you get on stage.

Ensure that you dress appropriately. Don’t be indecent or scantily dressed. Use your skills to land the roles. Dressing suggestively will work against you instead of boosting your chances. Wear something comfortable and don’t wear a costume unless you have been instructed to.

The first thing you do when you get to the auditions for new Disney channel shows is to sign with the casting assistant before anything else. While waiting for your turn to audition, you can go over your lines quietly. Don’t be loud or rude to anyone. To calm your nerves, meditate on your scene or do breathing exercises. Don’t smoke or chew gum as you wait. This is a job interview just like another interview, you need to be presentable.

When on stage, talk naturally, you don’t need to shout, just be audible. If you aren’t sure which direction to face, ask the casting director especially if there are no cameras. Be confident and deliver a convincing performance. This is not the time to second guess yourself as this will reflect in your performance. If you make a mistake, ask the director if you can start again. Don’t panic, cry or curse, just take a few minutes to recollect your thoughts and try again.

Once you are through with your auditions for new Disney channel shows, calmly thank the director and exit the room but don’t go home yet. Wait for at least two minutes just in case the casting director wants to call you back in again. Always remember to give an updated resume during the audition complete with your contacts be it email address or telephone numbers. This will help the casting team to get in touch with you in case of anything.

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