Most people think that content writing came in existence only with the advent of internet. However, the truth is that it has been there since the time-period when the very first newspaper, magazine and web site came up. SEO on the other hand is new and started only with the beginning of internet era. Basically it is an enhancement or improvement of marketing and advertisement. These both professionals, content writing and SEO, are connected with each other in a number of ways when it comes to increasing web traffic and achieving higher SEO rankings. In fact many companies regard content writing as a branch of their SEO department.

But there is also no doubt about the fact that content writers are not search engine experts and SEO experts are not content writers. Still, to be a successful copywriter, there are a couple of things that you must know about SEO. First of all, you must know that there is off-page SEO and on-page SEO. Although the terms may seem quite complicated and scientific, they are a lot easier to understand. Aspects like forum posting, link exchange, link building etc are all off-page SEO tricks while adding the correct number of phrases or keywords to any article is considered as an on-page SEO tactic.

Activities such as link exchange, link building and even posting on the forums, to some extent needs no writing ability. So, a copywriter would be actually wasting his time doing all this but a little knowledge about these SEO strategies may help him understand his work better. Basically, link exchange and link building can be performed by anyone who knows how to copy paste and compose emails. So the job of doing these things should be entrusted to data entry professionals. And you should rather perform within your own core capabilities i.e. writing.

Besides, incorporating effective keywords in the right frequency is also one of the things that as a content writer you must focus on. It would help your client's website to achieve higher rankings in the top search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc. However, while writing the content the writer should make sure that their write-ups contain written stuff revolving around the keywords. Irrelevant content only indicates a failed attempt to grab good SEO rankings. So, forcefully stuffing the keywords into the content is of no use. Keeping in mind all these things would help you write quality content that would not only grab the attention of readers but would also please the Search Engines at the same time.

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