If there is limited space in your kitchen and you are looking to purchase new laundry appliances, you may want to consider built- in, integrated appliances and there are a lot out there to choose from. This article focuses on the Bosch integrated laundry selection.

The built-in washing machines from Bosch come in two variations- the 1200rpm and the 1400rpm. The 1400 washing machine is the appliance with the better specification and has a few more features than the 1200 model. The 1400 model has a capacity of 7kg whereas the 1200 model has a 6kg, but both are the same width and are rated A class for energy efficiency, which is the best rating available under the EU award scheme.

The more basic machine- the 1200- has several wash programmes, including 15 'Clothes Care' programmes, a hand wash programme for wool, a delicates Silk programme, a variable spin selection with rinse hold, a freshen up programme, a sensitive programme, a dark wash, a sports wash and a cold fill programme. And the options of Prewash, Reduced Ironing, Aqua Plus option for best rinsing results and Wash Plus can be used alongside the normal wash programmes.

If you are considering a Bosch integrated laundry appliance it is probably because the kitchen is a bit short of space and would therefore benefit from a built- in appliance as opposed to a freestanding washing machine. If you own one of the cosiest kitchens and really need some space saving ideas then another option that is available is a washer dryer. Washer dryers from Bosch are also available as built- in appliances as well as freestanding, but generally do not have as big capacities as the separate washing machines and tumble dryers, but if you can stomach doing a few more smaller loads then a built in washer dryer is a genuine space saving option.

The washer dryer that is currently available in the Bosch integrated laundry selection is the WVTi2842GB. It has a washing capacity of 5kg, a drying capacity of 2.5kg and a spin speed of 1400rpm, which is the same spin speed as the higher specification washing machine in the built in washing machine range from Bosch.

This particular model has an A rated wash performance class and a B rated spin performance class, with energy efficiency rating of B and C respectively. So the built- in washer dryers are not as energy efficient as the built- in washing machines. It has an electricity consumption of 4.5kWh per washing and drying of a full load and a water consumption of 95 litres per washing and drying of a full load.

If you are looking at a Bosch integrated laundry appliance in order to save space in the kitchen, then size is obviously one of the deciding features of the washing machine or washer dryer. The built-in washer dryer's dimensions are as follows: Height: 82 cm, Width: 59.2 cm, and Depth: 58.4 cm. This model is available in only one colour: white.

The five environmental principles that Bosch takes into consideration are sustainability, responsibility, products, processes and continuous improvement, which is probably why most of the Bosch integrated laundry appliances come with an energy efficiency rating of A and have larger drums to save energy and water.

Bosch Integrated Laundry

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