PHP or hypertext preprocessor is an open source scripting language for server-side programming that is largely accepted with many web developers today. PHP is an advanced technology that enables the programmers to create and design dynamic web pages and improve users’ web experience by deploying interactive web applications. Companies worldwide are seeking to hire a dedicated PHP developer in India to get tremendous web application at reasonably low rates. Choosing this service is very beneficial to these enterprises when it comes to creating superior web applications inexpensively.

A good PHP Developer in India will always showcase these PHP scripts: PHP being a scripting language basically, it is necessary for a developer to write scripts and embed them into the HTML tags of the web pages. These scripts are compiled by the web server which has a PHP processor module. Some commonly used PHP scripts by the PHP developer in India are:

Click Tracker: As the name suggests a click tracker scripts keeps a real time record of the number of users coming to your website and clicking the links and/or download your products. It is a general frequency checker that helps in getting an insight of the site popularity on the web.

Contact Form: You will come across a contact form more often than any other web application module across the Internet. The contact form script is used to display a query submission form to the visitor with a security confirmation code such as the Captcha and email verification for protection against spam.

Search Engine: A search engine is a searching tool that searches for the matching text filled in the submit form across the web or across the native website alone. This search engine script helps the users search for something, in fact anything that can be specified in the search form.

Site Statistics: Site Statistics works similarly to the click tracker and is also used for site monitoring and user activities. The stats can be represented in graphical databases, and tables.

Social Networking Tool: Today social networking is the most popular reason for a user to surf the web. Hence having a social networking tool on your website helps you interact with the users and market yourself within their social networks without\t any costs.

Web Link Validator: A web link validator checks the legal use of the HTML and CSS along with any presence of broken links in the website.

How to choose a good PHP developer in India?

India is the place of abundant PHP talent. The clients can easily hire a professional PHP developer in India by following some steps to ensure successful deployment of their PHP development project. The PHP developer should be highly skilled in developing high performance web applications in fast turnaround times. Additionally, the PHP developer that you hire should clearly understand and document the customer requirements before starting the development.

To hire a PHP developer in India you should ensure that the development, operational, and maintenance cost should be low and the project should be completed inside the specified time constraints. The deployed solution should be free of any errors and bugs, and should address all the client business requirements and specifications exactly.

India’s role in PHP development: PHP development in India focuses on delivering inexpensive PHP development services to clients anywhere in the world. The clients abroad can hire a dedicated PHP developer who has the required skill set for working with the latest cutting edge technologies and deliver a precise solution for all client needs. Clients can get custom PHP development services such as:

-> Custom PHP application -> Custom web development -> Website redesigning and upgrading -> Dedicated PHP developers -> PHP ecommerce development -> Open source customization -> Open source ecommerce

Any PHP developer of India that you hire is highly skilled in offering excellent services in fast turnaround times with low development cost solution.

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